I had the privilege to spend nearly two months in summer 2017 at the Lijiang Studio Residency, located in Lashihai Valley in Yunnan Province, China. I found myself drawn to ideas of memory and geography and how those can be represented and misrepresented through sound. I’m still editing works from that time and will be uploading pieces throughout the next several months.


a few summer residents… from left to right: Phyllis Yao, Mark Clifford, Theresa Wong, Crystal Pascucci. Honorably mentioned young residents, Kiran and Quán Quán and Li Lisha


“The Cistern” (you can always come back)

with Danny Clay, Theresa Wong, and Quán Quán.

‘The Cistern’ is a reimagining of an impromptu vocal improvisation conducted by Danny Clay, Theresa Wong and myself at an empty water cistern in Wumu.
Vocal fragments and found sounds are stretched, cut up, interrupted and re-arranged, exploring the mercurial nature of memory, recording it and how it serves the present. Fragments bumping into each other, parts discarded, fragments from elsewhere also find there way into the re-imagining, trying to make sense of time.
View from Wumu, looking onto the Yangtze River