‘Score’ was written for any number of performers. It was written in a moment of frustration and melancholy at the realization that creating with my peers in the same physical space may be a long time away.

I normally work in the digital realm, but trying to figure out how to collaborate over a network, alienated me from creating music with the computer and moving me further away from using it as a compositional instrument.

Out of frustration with the computer, which I normally cherish, I drew a graphic score.

‘Score’ is intended as a structured improvisation for any number of performers. The performers are guided through sections, but have the option to choose how long they stay in each section. Everyone is moving in the same direction and goes through the same motions, but at their own pace.

The piece was performed live, networked over zoom on sept 12th 2020, by myself on piano, Chris Baldys on electric guitar and Andy Thierauf on percussion. To visually represent the analog/digital elements of the music, the musicians sent their audio feed data to artist Jacob Weinberg, who used the data to create a live visual representation that is completely digital, but at the same time feels like water painting.