Since 2012, I’ve been sound designing, music supervising and creating unique soundscapes and signature themes for audio narrative works in podcasting, public radio and other media. I’ve worked on productions for Audible (‘West Cork’), Radiotopia (The Heart, ‘No’ series), BBC and PRX amongst others.

Theme music for West Cork. Episodic true crime series produced by Audible.




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Movies In Your Head “Why Does Everything Sound Like My Phone?” (excerpt)

Radio Drama. Produced collaboratively with Kaitlin Prest. Sound design by Shani Aviram
Winner of the Prix Italia Golden Award for New Radio Formats 2015




Bring Your Darlings Back to Life “If a Sighted Person Could be Blind for a Day” (excerpt)

Produced for BBC 4 by Barney Rowntree. Co-produced and sound designed by Shani Aviram.



The Bipolar World “Divine Mission” (excerpt)

Radio documentary. Produced by Mooj Zadie. Sound Design by Shani Aviram. Aired on KCRW’s ‘Unfictional’


Bob Dylan en tournée en Angleterre. A droite, D.A. Pennebaker tourant son film "Don't look back" Juin 1966~PROV~Scan Cyclope ftp 2 dec 2011 Tarif spécial, nous consulter.

16 5 66 “Dylan in Sheffield” (excerpt)

Produced for BBC 4 by Barney Rowntree and Shani Aviram. Sound designed by Shani Aviram.